I am Clint Tuttle

Teacher, Learner, Fan of Failure, Mint.com Fan,Microsoft Excel SUPER Fan, Consultant, Writer of nerd parodies,Avid Hiker, Amateur Web Developer, Extrovert, Enngeagram 2, Aspiring Handyman, Reader of Fiction, Student Career Advisor, Believer in Complex Adaptive Systems Theory

Name: Clint Tuttle

Hometown: Tyler, Tx

Favorite Color: Burnt Orange

Enneagram: 2


Texas McCombs (Lecturer) 2011-present
NCUA (IT Contractor) 2013-2018
Proximo Gen (Data Analyst) 2010-2012
Accenture (Manager) 2002-2011


University of Arizona (MS, MIS) 2015
Texas McCombs (BBA, MIS) 2003


IS Sec Professional (CNSS) Dec-2014
Senior Systems Mgr (CNSS) Dec-2014
System Admin (CNSS) Oct-2014
Risk Analyst (CNSS) Jul-2014
PMP (But let it expire 😞) 2011-2016

Other Skills & Interests

SQL, MongoDB, React, Node.js, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Advanced Excel

About me

Hi there! My name is Clint. I’ve been an MIS Lecturer at Texas McCombs since 2011 where I have taught courses in Database Management, Agile System Development, and IT Management.

I’m a proud graduate of Texas. After my BBA, I spent 9 years working as an IT Consultant with Accenture for various Retail, Government, and Healthcare entities. I returned to UT part-time, fell in love with teaching, and decided to be full-time after my first year. I’m honored to have been awarded the Texas Exes Teaching Award, the Harkins Foundation Award for Effective Teaching, and the Texas 10. I’m also a proud member of the UT Provost’s Teaching Fellows which I developed the Drivers Exercise to help students set better goals for their life and careers.

I’m happily married and in my spare time I like working out, hiking, writing code, playing music, and exploring Austin. My passions and side-projects center around teaching innovation, talking about failure with students, teaching people how to budget better, and advising students in their career exploration.

Passions and Side-Projects

This is a few of the things I fill my spare time with outside of family and teaching.